At INDEPENDENT TOGETHER we want to be able to offer YOU something different, an opportunity to become successful in YOUR own HOME and have a LIFE that YOU will enjoy LIVING.

INDEPENDENT TOGETHER will move you into the bridging HOME, which will give YOU the opportunity to PROVE that YOU are capable of having and running YOUR own HOME.

Helping YOU manage this, is not putting YOU on benefits to ‘just get by’ it’s giving YOU the opportunity to LIVE LIFE.

INDEPENDENT TOGETHER have opportunities in 4 areas of work, which will employ and train YOU to be everything YOU have wanted to become.

Being INDEPENDENT is hard and learning these skills is challenging in the best circumstances, but when faced with the life difficulties YOU have been faced with it makes it even harder.

This is why we know, doing it TOGETHER will help YOU succeed and continue to succeed.

Are you a Landlord?

You’ll be surprised at the quality of our clients. We regularily check the accomodation to make sure the premises are kept to a high standard

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If you would like more information about Independent Together and how we work please feel free to contact us on 07985 235 234 or fill in the form opposite.

Independent Together offer a new exciting approach in helping and educating 16+ care leavers on the skills required to become an adult.

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