NHS figures show shocking rise in self-harm
among young

Posted In : February 22,2019

New NHS figures show that hospital admissions for children who self-harm have more than doubled in six years.
The NHS data shows 3,988 youngsters aged nine to 17 were taken to hospital last year with self-harm injuries. The figure was up from 1,725 in 2011.
Girls were five times as likely to be admitted with injuries as boys. Shockingly, 400 cases involved children aged between nine and 12.
The figures from NHS Digital show the number of children aged nine to 17 taken to hospital with self-harm injuries rose by 12 per cent in just one year.
There were 3,545 admissions in 2016/17, rising to 3,988 in the most recent year for which the figures are available, 2017/18.
Experts say the rise is shocking confirmation that more young people are experiencing serious psychological distress because they are under unprecedented social pressures.