Landlords & Letting

Landlords and Lettings

Sourcing Accommodation

Independent Together helps bridge the gap between supply and demand when it comes to affordable accommodation.

moving homeWe liaise with landlords, offering them long-leasehold agreements where we guarantee their rental payments.

This helps landlords, by reducing the level of uncertainty they face with securing tenancies. It also helps the young adults requiring accommodation who might otherwise struggle to find something affordable and suited to their needs.

Taking the Hassle out of Letting

Landlords can struggle with tenancies, both with managing them and ensuring the renting homecontinuity that will give them a reliable revenue stream.

Acting as an intermediary, Independent Together matches people in need of a roof over their heads with the right kind of accommodation, while providing landlords with the necessary assurances around payments and looking after their properties.

We know landlords are looking for peace of mind when it comes to tenancies, and we believe that’s what we can provide. We give them security of income while ensuring that the young adults we supply as tenants maintain the property properly.

If you are a landlord and you want a way of ensuring you get regular income from your property, with reliable tenants, please talk to us.


Just felt I needed to say that renting my property out to i2gether has turned out to be a very wise decision.
Like most private landlords I was concerned about letting my property to DSS style referrals. However, with the support of i2together and the way they look after the property, I would have no hesitation in renting further properties or recommending other landlords to rent their stock to i2gether.
Paul Chatwin, Private Landlord.


More Information

If you would like more information about Independent Together and how we work please feel free to contact us on 07985 235 234 or fill in the form opposite.

Independent Together offer a new exciting approach in helping and educating 16+ care leavers on the skills required to become an adult.

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    You’ll be surprised at the quality of our clients. We regularily check the accomodation to make sure the premises are kept to a high standard.