About Independent Together

Supported living for young adults

With over 20 years’ experience in fostering and services for young people leaving care, the founders of Independent Together aim to provide a fresh approach to supported living for young adults.

Essentially, this is about taking a broader view of what vulnerable young adults need and then focusing on the practical details to give them the life skills they need.

We start by looking at what the best possible outcomes should be. Then we work back and find ways of helping young adults develop the solutions and take the right steps to achieve these outcomes. This means looking at where they will live, but also, critically, how they will live there. In other words, Independent Together is about the bigger picture, helping young adults develop into fully independent, responsible individuals. The wider perspective we take also includes helping agencies and professionals working with young adults, and landlords looking for letting solutions.

Ultimately, it is not just vulnerable young adults who benefit, but the communities they learn to become a part of, and society in general. We want young adults to be able to develop aspirations, and to then put themselves on track to achieving them, within a stable environment. Together, we can put them on the pathway to an independent future, providing continuity, consistency and stability with our support.

Meet the Team

Kelly Robinson

At the age of 18 Kelly started her career as a Medical Technician in the Royal Air Force. Attached to the Harrier Squadron, Kelly quickly worked her way to Corporal and became part of the AeroMed Squadron (flying paramedic) and did active service in the Gulf, Norway and Cyprus. After 7 years Kelly decided to leave the RAF and become an EMT with the ambulance service as a volunteer whilst working as a Support Worker for adults with brain injuries. After working with this service user for over a year and helping her become independent Kelly moved to another area.

Kelly has had various managerial roles in a wide range of sectors including; Logistics, Finance, and Housing. Kelly has managed many businesses within hospitality. She has also worked alongside the council as a key worker on the work programme and working well, helping adults re-educate and find employment.

Kelly wanted to move away from adult sector and became a Practice Manager in June 2015 working with Leaving Care service. She works with the Local Authorities to ensure all old and new placements have a property in the required area with all the furnishings to start their semi-independent living. Kelly also allocates a key worker that works with the young person to improve their living skills. Kelly has found a real passion for this sector and believes more can be done to help nurture these vulnerable young people. Kelly has achieved her Diploma Level 5 in Health and Social Care for Adults, Young People and Children. Level 5 in Leadership and Management. Kelly is currently working toward her BS (Hons) in Nursing / RN Children and Young People. Kelly has also achieved Ofsted registration with the help of the team and successfully completed the Placements Northwest tender.

Paul Barlow

Paul left school at 16 and joined the Royal Navy where he trained in electrical engineering. Upon leaving the Navy he worked for 13 years with Delta Cables moving up in the company to be production manager. In the late 90s he decided to make a change in his circumstances and trained in London to work in the financial sector. Working for Barclays with wealthy individuals gave Paul the tools to be able to set up his own Property Business.