Manchester City Council’s crackdown on anti-social behaviour

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A proposed crackdown on anti-social behaviour in Manchester city centre could see £100 on-the-spot fines for anyone caught ‘aggressively’ begging, urinating in public or dropping a syringe.
A new ‘public space protection order’ would also fine people who refuse to move out of doorways and stairwells and ban tents if they are causing a public hazard.
Manchester City Council’s proposal, which went out in consultation this week, mirrors moves by authorities in other parts of the country.
The draft order would cover begging ‘in a manner that causes, or is likely to cause, annoyance, fear or distress’, public urination or defecation, and tents or other ‘temporary structures’ that could attract vermin or create a health and safety risk.
It also covers more general anti-social behaviour such as failing to pick up litter after being asked to do so by an officer and drinking in a non-licensed public space.

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